Warhammer: Sorceresses

I recently completed paint on two Dark Elf Sorceresses.  In the photo below, the most recent completions are the one with the red spell effects and the one on foot with the rediculously large head gear and staff.  The one on foot with blue spell effect and the one riding the Dark Pegasus have been completed for some time. Sorry, the photo is a little blurry.

One of the recent completions.  I painted the spell effects on this one red to differentiate it from the identical model with spell effect in blue.

This is the other recent completion.  This model is an older model that I recently acquired. It was already painted but I stripped the old paint job from it and redid it to match my army better.  I like how it turned out.

This model has been completed for a while.  This is actually supposed to represent the special character "Morathi" on her Dark Pegasus "Sulephet."  She is bad news! I almost always use the model as a standard, non-character Sorceress though.

Here's the other long completed model.

I have another Sorceress riding a Cold One model that is unpainted.  I am probably going to convert her to be an interchangeable rider on the Black Dragon I am currently working on.  Some day...


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