Warhammer: Dark Elf Executioners

OK, so I have left off my Warmachine Retribution army for a while and gotten back to my Warhammer Dark Elf Army.  Mostly because there is a new Warhammer league starting at my local gaming shop and I needed to get a couple units painted.

Below is a just-completed, 22-man unit of Dark Elf Har Ganeth Executioners.

I will paint a design on the banner at some point in the future.  For now, plain purple will do.

Full Command (below):  Standard Bearer, Champion, and Musician.

Several of the Executioner's sword blades had been lost before I acquired this unit.  I elected to use Dark Elf Warrior spear heads as replacements for the missing Executioner sword blades.  Kinda telling about how rediculously big the Dark Elf Warrior spear heads are.


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