Friday, August 16, 2013

Warhammer: Empire

This is my Arch Lector on War Altar serving as the general in my Averland themed Empire army. the main thing to note is that the horses supplied with theis kit were substituted for the Pistolier/Outrider horses you see here. The reason for this, other than just an excuse for a modification, is that the armored horses from this and the Hurricanum kit have been put into service as Inner Circle Knight War Horses (seen in an earlier post). The unarmored Pistolier horses seemed much more appropriate for the War Altar.

The Arch Lector himself is magnetized to the Altar since the Altar can be destroyed separately, leaving him afoot. I have a flocked base that is magnetized to receive the Arch Lector in that unfortunate eventuality.

As for painting, everything is done on this model except the base (needs flocking), some script work on the purity seals and the book on the top, as well as a tiny bit of work on the interior. There is also a big golden griffon statue that should be on top of the Altar. I will complete and add it to the model eventually. I am going to finish the rest of the army before I finish the griffon.

There is a LOT of detail in this model!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Warhammer: Empire

Finally! Another update to my Empire army...

Level 4, Lore of Life Wizard. Probably going to do more with his staff to jazz it up a little.

Level 2, Lore of Shadow Wizard.

This model is from the Hurricanum kit which I do not currently use in my Empire army list. I magnetized him with a base just in case I want to use him with the Hurricanum model later on.

This little guy is currently serving duty in my Halberdier unit but is destined to be a crewman for one of the warmachines eventually.

 Master Engineer (before I finished the base with touchup paint and flocking).

Unit filler (takes up the space of 4 regular guys) in my Halberdier unit.

This fine  Captain of the Empire serves as my Battle Standard Bearer. the design on the standard is freehand based on a design in the Empire colors book (whatever it's called).