Warhammer: Empire

Finally! Another update to my Empire army...

Level 4, Lore of Life Wizard. Probably going to do more with his staff to jazz it up a little.

Level 2, Lore of Shadow Wizard.

This model is from the Hurricanum kit which I do not currently use in my Empire army list. I magnetized him with a base just in case I want to use him with the Hurricanum model later on.

This little guy is currently serving duty in my Halberdier unit but is destined to be a crewman for one of the warmachines eventually.

 Master Engineer (before I finished the base with touchup paint and flocking).

Unit filler (takes up the space of 4 regular guys) in my Halberdier unit.

This fine  Captain of the Empire serves as my Battle Standard Bearer. the design on the standard is freehand based on a design in the Empire colors book (whatever it's called).


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