Warhammer: Conversions & Tournament Update

As was noted in my last post, I did go to the Bayou Battles tournament and unbelievably went 5/0, bringing home the "Best General" award. I am sure it was more fluke than not but I was very surprised and happy with the result. I actually ended up being only two points away from tying for the Overall award. After talking to a few more tournament-savvy friends of mine, it was suggested that I put more effort into the conversions in my army which would hopefully garner a few more "Army" (more or less: painting/conversion/cool factor) points.

So I have made plans to do several conversions in my Dark Elf army.  The first conversion (pictured here) is my Dreadlord on Dark Pegasus. I have cut off the front feet (from another Dark Pegasus model) above the first joint and attached them to the back legs in the same position. This oriented the back hooves toward the rear of the model rather than the base so as to give the appearance that the Pegasus is leaping forward. I also used the rocky outcropping fro mthe High Elf Dragon kit to create a well... rocky outcropping. My only adjustment was to remove all of the High Elf-looking stone work from the rock and to then putty over it to make the whole bit look more natural. This conversion has the added benefit of picking those annoying wings up higher off the tabletop and out of the way of nearby troops that they so often bump into.

The second conversion I'm doing is actually more of a comlete reproduction of the ttwo Hydras in my army list. I have purchased two new Finecast (Finecast is resin instead of pewter model) Hydras with the thought being that resin would be easier to reform than pewter.  All I am doing here is heating up the resin with scalding hot water to make the resin plyable and then bending it to the shape I want.  In this case, I have again used the rock from High Elf Dragon kit (albeit a cut down version) and am propping the Hydra up to give it a more dynamic action pose. I intend to do something very similar with the second Hydra.

As for my other conversions, I am planning on reworking the Cauldron of Blood to use the Warhammer 40K Eldar Avatar of Khaine model. I am also planning to create a unit filler for my Executioners. I have it in mind to produce a scene of an Executioner's block/altar with a couple of soon-to-be-victims.


  1. Congrats on the win at Bayou Battles!

  2. Hey !

    I prepare a conversion of the war Hydra. And I finish the conversion of the cauldron of blood with Avatar of Khaine. If you want to see it : http://mad-prod.blogspot.com/


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