Hordes: Legion of Everblight

Yeah alright, so I am weak.  I bought into a Hordes army and have already modeled and begun painting them.

Here is my not-quite-done test model. This is a Shredder lesser warbeast from the Legion of Everblight starter box set. There were four of these in the box.  This little guy still needs highlights on the brown spines, claws, and chitinous scales as well as a little more detail on the teeth and finishing the base.  This is fairly close to what the final paint scheme will look like.

I am going to be doing some step-by-step shots of some of these models.

So here is the Carnivean heavy warbeast from the starter box.  After modeling and a little bit of putty work to fill in the most egregious cracks and faults, I began by priming the model with P3 white spray primer.  Once the primer was completely dry, I washed all of the skin parts with a 3:1:1 mix of Citadel Asurmen Blue wash, Citadel Leviathan Purple wash, and water.

This is another Shredder and obviosuly not the Carnivean but he is one step further along than the Carnivean.  Here I have, after the wash in the previous step has completely dried, drybrushed pure Vallejo Game Color White onto the skin areas in two successive coats.

Here is Lylyth, the Warlock from the starter box.  She is at the same stage as the Shredder above.


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