Pics from my WIP Retribution Army

More or less I'm doing the whole army in stages.  Most of this stuff is primed, skin, dark grey leather, and chain mail done. All of the solos, and one of the Mage Hunter Strike Force Units have the camo green bits completely done.  The second MHSF only has the base coat of green.  Left to do is the green on the second MHSF, brown leather bits, metal bits (weapons, buckles, etc), white armor, hair, detailing, and basing.
The Phoenix will be done completely separately after the rest of the army is done.

Mage Hunter Strike Force (2 Grunts and Leader)

Mage Hunter Strike Force (Grunt)

Mage Hunter Assassin, Solo

Phoenix, Heavy Warjcak

Gorgon, Light Warjack (finished)

Ravyn, Warcaster

Narn, Character Solo

Eiryss, Character Solo

Kaelyssa, Warcaster (finished)

The whole army. Mage Hunter Strike Force plus Unit Attachment on left, Solos and Warcasters in the middle along side theHeavy and Light Warjacks, and 2nd MHSF+UA on the right.
I have a second Heavy Warjack that I have not constructed yet that will probably be a Manticore.


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